On My “Someday Dog”

I thought for a long time about starting a series on this blog called “Someday Dog” in which I would just go through all the breeds of dog I loved (believe me, there are enough for a series) and would talk about their characteristics and what they would potentially be like as pets. I still might do it.

But it got me thinking.

The only dog my family ever owned was a small poodle named Beau who passed away before I could have any memory of him. I think losing him was so traumatic for my parents that they said, “NEVER AGAIN.”

The closest I ever got to having a dog after that was when my dad picked up a stray Australian shepherd he found in the country, and we kept her in our backyard for a time. He didn’t want us to get attached, so we called her “Girl” until she was rehomed. I still played with her every day she was there.

These days I have to satisfy myself with hoping I’ll run into overly friendly dogs on the street… like the old timer I saw on my walk yesterday. He was a blind mutt whose owner was extremely embarrassed when her old guy trotted over and licked my hand.

“What’s gotten into you?” she muttered, trying to get him to come back.

I was overjoyed. “HE LOVES ME,” I almost answered.

I just really adore dogs, but have never been in a position to own one myself. Too busy with school. Too busy with work. Apartments with their dumb “no pet policies.”

I’ve decided that putting off your goals is dumb. I’m starting to get to the point of SCREW IT, THE TIME IS NOW. There are a couple of other big life goals I’m working toward, but dog ownership is one that’s fully in my control, and I’m tired of pushing it off.

So if anyone knows of any good corgi breeders in Southern California… feel free to leave  a comment.

Featured image credit: John & Wolf


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