Someday Dog: Corgi Research

I am undeterred. Since my first post, my wish for a dog has only gotten stronger. I’m looking mainly at corgis… though I passed at least three boxers while walking today, and one was looking at me pretty plaintively… and I saw a picture of basset hound puppies the day before… and… and…

I’m focusing on corgis for a lot of reasons, the foremost being that they’re FREAKING ADORABLE.

disco the corgi

Disco the Corgi

Corgis are also charismatic, intelligent, sweet babies with wiggly butts that I plan to someday love 24/7.

They’re a great compact size, making them a good possibility for an indoor pet. Though I would ideally prefer to have yard space for my pet, I’m not exactly sure when that’s going to be possible, and I don’t want to wait until then to get a puppy.

There is, however, the shedding to consider.

corgi shedding

That is a serious amount of hair. And as someone with mild allergies, this is… mildly concerning. I’ve been speaking to friends and acquaintances who live with both allergies and pets, and I’ve heard great things about the Furminator. Supposedly this tool will one day be my best friend.

In speaking to others and doing research, I’ve learned corgis can have bad back and hip problems. They can also have eye issues. Corgis are technically “dwarfed” dogs and have special needs. For example, because of the way their bones develop, corgi puppies should not overexert themselves until they are grown, at about one to one and a half years old. So don’t take that baby jogging!

red haired shanks the corgi

Red Haired Shanks the Corgi

That’s okay, because I don’t really like overexerting myself, either.

In looking for a breeder, I’m going to keep these issues in mind and find one who is certified through the American Kennel Club, and tests their dogs for hips and eyes. The hip testing will be done through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). I’ll want to find puppy parents who have high OFA ratings — hopefully “excellent” or “good.” And then my corgi will be the healthiest it can be.

chubby the corgi

Chubby the Corgi

I’m still learning, and still determining when it’ll be feasible to find my new best friend. I’m reading a lot of dog blogs and talking to as many people as I can. Any corgi owners out there have good insight on owning one? I’m always open to hearing others’ experiences.

tedford woofington

Tedford Woofington

One more. Just because.

Featured image credit: kellikrysh

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